Our Vision

Our vision is to help create awareness of health and fitness within the community by using kickball as an avenue to educate, promote, encourage and uplift our youth to strive for a better future.

Our Mission

“Boys & Girls Rising Star Kickers will be an advocate for a healthier more inspired population of future competitive athletes in the 21st century.”

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About Us

pasted image 635x636We realized if children have fun while working out, it will have a major impact on building and developing their self esteem with character and moral. The Leagues objective is to increase community involvement with recreational and educational activities geared toward promoting healthier and well-balanced individuals. B&G Rising Star Kickball League will provide youth with activities that promote awareness of physical activities and how it is beneficial to their health and wellness. B&G Rising Star Kickball League operates as a community outreach for improving a healthier way of living and by encouraging families to get up and go outside with their children and build a positive bond.

We are advocates for a healthier more inspired population of our future competitive athletes in the 21st century. Our intentions are to allow youth to participate in the production of the league from commentating, to concessions, helping with field/team preparation, etc. With this, we hope to allow youth to gain some exposure in basic video production, commentating, speech, and marketing while increasing their awareness of various career paths. We want to empower the residents in the community to help strengthen our youth ability to be successful citizens within society.